G|PACX , is a company owned privately which was incorporated in Indonesia basically our business involves the printing and finishing service.

We manufacture and export custom hand-finished paper bags, paper boxes & gift boxes. However, we also supply other printed and finished creative products. And we are presents to fulfill the requirement of the market both in domestic market and also overseas.

GPACX has been present in your business to give service and qualities products to our client and customer. Supported by variously form, pattern, color and products, will give its quality value and choices for your business.

Supported by equipments, human resources and experience in the graphics, printing and finishing departments, we will give the best service in every result of our activity.

With factory located in Margomulyo – Industrial Estate, Tandes – Surabaya, GPACX has been successfully serving local and intercontinental customers needs in printing and finishing, especially hand-finished paper bags, paper boxes and gift boxes.

Our hope to be a one of the counted paper bag and packaging supplier and manufacturers in Indonesia motivates us to keep growing and more to learn.

“Quality”, “Cost” and “On-time delivery” are our main focus. We never compromise with quality issues. We constantly improve our processes to offer competitive pricing on the market. And on-time delivery is always a must.


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